Sunday, September 28, 2008

Boat Trip

Traveling during the summer almost guarantees nice, sunny days. We like the spring and fall, when streets are quieter, but the weather may be less cooperative. Standing on a small bridge that arches over one of the canals in Bruges, I spotted this boat drifting our way. A clutch of tourists had signed up for a ride, in spite of a gentle rain that showed no signs of stopping. Apparently, when in Bruges, one must go on a canal boat ride, even if a dozen umbrellas will make it almost impossible to see anything. I am grateful for the gift of this picture, which still makes me laugh. We all travel with a list of "must-do" activities. How many people return to describe how they "did" the Louvre or the Sistine Chapel? Let's remind ourselves to adapt to the reality of each day and enjoy what it has to offer. Up till now, this has been my favorite "Canal Photo." I am heading off to different canal-filled locales, resolved to absorb whatever is out there waiting for me.