Sunday, July 5, 2009

Make Your Own Fireworks

The highlight of Independence Day in our nation's capital is the fireworks display. This time, we walked over towards the Iwo Jima Memorial. Running a bit late, we decided to join the growing crowds on a weedy green island that is actually part of a busy highway's exit ramp. With the roads blocked off and a view of the Washington Monument in front of us, we enjoyed the shooting stars, sparkling chrysanthemums and melting fountains of color that filled the night sky. I knew ahead of time that this would not be a good spot of taking photos. So after we returned home, inspired by the display, I gathered my growing assortment of lighted decorations and carnival jewelry. Many of them blink. In a dark room, I twirled the camera, snapping slow exposures. A previous posting shows this technique aimed at outdoor Christmas lights. My big surprise this time was the little dashes formed by the blinking lights. This image also makes me think of the Aurora Borealis. I can't wait to print and cut up some of these "light pictures" into collages. Make your own fireworks, make your own fun.