Sunday, June 20, 2010

Basic Black

Stopping along I-68, we noticed that everyone riding a motorcycle wanted to turn into the gas station. Correction: they wanted to turn into the Harley Davidson dealership behind the gas station. The chugging pump hoses and smell of gasoline were overpowered by the steady bass of rock music and the aroma of barbecue. A row of lovingly polished cycles lined the shady side of the building. Many were as shiny and brightly colored as the coating on an M & M. But there is something about a black Harley. Even with fringes, studs and extra bits of chrome, a black Harley says "I am loud and serious. Don’t you wish you were riding me? Now get out of my way." This is true, even if we know the Harley's owner is probably a podiatrist.


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