Sunday, September 25, 2011

Almost-Hidden Window

Visitors travel to Stow On the Wold to see the fine collection of stained glass windows in St. Edwards Church. Although the church was completed in the 15th century, the windows vary in age, with the newest one dating from Victorian times. Wandering around the church, absorbing the brilliant colors, I was surprised by the scene in one corner of the church. A massive organ partly obscures one of the windows. Surely the parishioners are happy to have the organ. Music is an integral part of a worship service. But imagine how upset the stained glass artist would be to discover that his work was now virtually hidden from view. Once an artwork is finished and sent off into the world, its fate is no longer determined by its creator. This is a reminder of why we should try to take most of our satisfaction and joy from the process of creating, not from the artwork itself.