Sunday, September 15, 2019

Three Pincushions

The tomato pincushion is a sewing icon. Pincushions in a vast range of shapes became a popular item during Victorian times, made as special gifts or donations to bazaars. Pins used to be so precious that they were kept in little boxes. "Pyn pillows" eventually became pincushions. Why has the tomato, with it’s tag-along strawberry emery for sharpening the pins, endured?  The tomato was a good luck symbol, set on the mantel of a new home. It's a fairly easy shape to make. The green yarn dividing it into wedges means that machine or hand needles in varying sizes can be parked in designated sections. I found this dusty trio languishing next to a neglected sewing machine. The hodgepodge of safety pins, rusty needles and American flags reveals that their owner was neither organized nor a dedicated seamstress. But the pincushions still wait, ready to be used.