Sunday, January 7, 2024

The Crazy Quilt That Was Never Finished

 One block is carefully embroidered with the initials BH but the origin of this top has been lost in the years since it was assembled. The friends or family members had varying levels of embroidery skills. In a time when women knew how to rejuvenate a tired hat with ribbon flowers, someone has added ribbon leaves and buds. Another liked to paint. She contributed velvet patches with geraniums and roses. Two blocks are backed with cut-up sugar sacks printed with the date 1908. I am guessing the quilt top was made around 1914-1920. But many of the fabrics may be much older. I have 40-year-old fabrics in my own stash! Some of the silks are in sad shape, but it is still a beautiful piece of fiber art, representing the colors and needlework techniques of another time.