Sunday, June 29, 2008

Aglamesis Chairs

Cincinnati has two world-class family-run ice cream companies, Graeter's and Aglamesis Brothers. Those of us who grew up there are happy to engage in enthusiastic arguments over which is better, especially if a side-by-side comparison tasting can be arranged. But for ambiance, Aglamesis wins hands down. While the hot-air balloon wallpaper of my childhood is gone, the pressed tin ceiling, glass cases full of chocolates, round marble tables and tulip-shaped lamps all remain. Burly guys balance themselves on the wrought-iron chairs with their heart-shaped backs, digging into banana splits. I love the interplay of black lines against black and white tile in this photo. The circles of pink give some solidity to all the lines. Whenever I see this color combination, it sets off a Pavlovian response that results in the urge to consume ice cream.