Sunday, July 18, 2010

Coneflower and Bee

It is the height of summer. This is the time when coneflowers reign. Coarse, sturdy stems and unsubtle colors divulge their wild and weedy origins as inhabitants of meadows and roadsides. Decked out in sometimes-garish shades of magenta, the contrast between purply-pink petals and orange-yellow centers is intriguing. Like a pine cone or an uncurling fern, coneflower centers are examples of a Fibonacci Series. As a graph, it is a pleasingly balanced set of squares and rectangles. The connected lines form a spiral. Whether it is intuitively or through knowledge and a deliberate choice, artists, architects and designers rely on the Fibonacci Series. The fact that order equals beauty is fascinating and somehow comforting. However, I don’t think the bumblebee cares.