Sunday, September 13, 2015

World Trade Center Memorial

Fourteen years ago this week, the towers of the World Trade Center fell and everything changed. Now a memorial, a square waterfall within another waterfall, inhabits the footprint of each tower. It is difficult to grasp the true scale of what was lost until you see this in person. The sides are so deep, the distance across is so broad. Such a long way down...When the buildings existed, our thoughts were about what a long way up to the top it was. On a hot day, teenagers horsed around, taking selfies and slurping ice cream, oblivious to the 2,606 names cut into the surrounding parapets. They were too young to remember that day. I found their behavior upsetting. Yes, my own ache might have been eased by more respectful demeanor. But perhaps they are serving another purpose. Perhaps they are helping to drive the ghosts away for the rest of us.