Sunday, February 26, 2017

Dog Walkers

Big city dogs have a different life. Many of them must learn to travel calmly in groups. Walking eight dogs at a time is not a job to be farmed out for a few bucks to the teenager who lives next door. You must have a certain level of Dog Whisperer skill and carry enough doggy-doo bags, treats, etc, for the entire pack. These two dog walkers had fifteen dogs between them. Everyone seemed happy and all the dogs were nicely behaved. I can think of several people and quite a number of politicians whose behavior might benefit from twice-a-day walks with the dog walkers.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Composition In Metal

Someone used whatever was available to cover an opening in a wall. I stopped to admire the repetition of vertical lines and the way that rust had gradually replaced the  paint. Was there any thought beyond pure utility that went into this patch of metal scraps? Did the unknown patcher deliberately turn the line in the white piece to match the corrugated lines? Was the green metal chosen instead of some other scrap because the patcher liked that bit of color?  We'll never know. Keep looking. Accidental compositions are out there everywhere.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Box of Chocolates

Is life really like a box of chocolates? If you go by the example of this box, you could say that life is orderly, up to a point, but that there are always some extra, more intriguing things that are worth trying to fit in, like those lovely hearts. Some parts of life are clearly spelled out for us, like the chocolates with printing on top. I'll just hope for fewer nuts and room for one or two more hearts

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Snowy Forsythia

Earlier this week, we had the best kind of snowfall, one that drifted down before dawn, frosting the lawns and trees but leaving the streets clear. It was magical for a few hours. The snow was already melting when I happened upon a bank of forsythia. Encouraged by a mild day here and there, it has unfurled its blossoms. I admired the way the snow set off the bright yellow clusters. More cold, gray days are ahead, but this convergence of winter and spring is a reminder that spring is inevitable.