Sunday, January 28, 2024

Figure Skating Photo Op

 Years of practices and regional competitions come before a skater achieves television-worthy status. During the earlier part of Nationals, Novice and Junior skaters perform in front of crowds that are smaller but no less devoted to cheering on each competitor. When it came time for the Junior Pairs to receive medals, flowers and handshakes from officials, they spread out a rug for the photographers, who VERY carefully walk across the ice clutching their expensive lenses. The only photographer wearing ice cleats walked back and forth to adjust a medal or the way a bouquet was clutched so that every skater would look their best at this moment that they will always remember 

Sunday, January 21, 2024

Winter Picnic Tables

 After almost two years, we've finally had a real snow, enough to cancel school buses and trips to the office.  I crunched along the street, tuning into that faint, sparkly-showery sound made by a multitude of flakes sailing down all at once. The trees in the park had transformed themselves into a magical forest. No one came to disturb the fluffy snow-quilt laid upon each picnic table. Everything stopped for a while, including the distractions of colors other than those that were almost black or almost white. Welcome back, Winter.

Sunday, January 14, 2024

Bare Branches and Blue Skies

 On a very breezy day, the clouds glowed as if lit from within by the sunshine. They sailed across the sky swiftly, determined to get from here to there. I looked up at the fanned-out tree tops stretching out from sturdy trunks to solid branches that divided into delicate lace. A big bird's nest interrupts the pattern. But it's a sign of hope, a reminder of the creatures who will inhabit those trees in the spring.

Sunday, January 7, 2024

The Crazy Quilt That Was Never Finished

 One block is carefully embroidered with the initials BH but the origin of this top has been lost in the years since it was assembled. The friends or family members had varying levels of embroidery skills. In a time when women knew how to rejuvenate a tired hat with ribbon flowers, someone has added ribbon leaves and buds. Another liked to paint. She contributed velvet patches with geraniums and roses. Two blocks are backed with cut-up sugar sacks printed with the date 1908. I am guessing the quilt top was made around 1914-1920. But many of the fabrics may be much older. I have 40-year-old fabrics in my own stash! Some of the silks are in sad shape, but it is still a beautiful piece of fiber art, representing the colors and needlework techniques of another time.