Sunday, January 26, 2014

Wrought iron Spirals

The iron gate, with its unfurlings of crisp white spirals, caught my attention first. Beyond the gate, an arched passageway led to another gate and then a door. Such an inviting scene...Who lives there?  Arriving home would be a little adventure every day.  I love a place with a sense of mystery. 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sidewalk, Bath England

I am still pondering the idea of subtlety, which has led me back to one of the many photos I took of the sidewalks in Bath. Each time I happened upon one of them, I felt compelled to stop and study it. Generations of feet have worn down the the glass bricks, adding variations of texture and tone. The edging of  ventilation holes seem almost startlingly regimented in comparison. The bricks' milky shades of violet and blue-green make me think of the cloudy skies of England, subtle and ever-changing. 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Button Cacti

Desert landscapes are subtle. If you look closely, there are colors and textures and surprises to be found and enjoyed. I spied these three little button cacti nestled in a protected niche. They are really very green but their spiny overcoats tone down the green to a sedate shade of celadon. Those spines form such remarkably precise patterns---probably another example of a fibonacci series. Who was the woman who first decided that these particular cacti would be known as button cactus? You know it had to have been a woman. She looked at them and thought of sewing on buttons with mismatched thread. Could there be a better name for these hardy little survivors?

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Mexican Pots

If you live in the American Southwest, the predominant color of your yard is most likely tan. Or brown. Or gray. Artfully arranged stones and groupings of cacti can be beautiful in a subtle, zen-like way. But many hearts cry out for color. In the tiny town of Tubac, Arizona, there is yard art for sale in every color and style. One metal flower may seem tacky but an entire plot of them is downright impressive. It’s the row of open-mouth pots that kept me looking. That row of circles sets up a nice rhythm and calms the cacophony of the flowers.