Sunday, April 11, 2021

Spring Puddle

 A light rain fell on a gray afternoon Time to go for a walk On the path through the park was a puddle edged with cherry blossom petals. The puddle reflected a tree and the sky. Drip drip, drip. Each raindrop overlapped the next in concentric circles. The tree in the water-mirror shimmered. Its edges blurred; a moving watercolor in a puddle, painted wet on wet,

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Cherry Tree and Bench

 Cherry trees of every size and type are in full flower, all over the neighborhood. I discover new ones on each street. Many people experience the annual cherry blossom spectacle only from the seat of a car, driving past the trees. They sometimes remark that the cherry trees are disappointingly white. It’s a different view when you walk among the trees Those fluffy masses of blooms have fine markings in pinks and reds. This is what gives them such a delicate tint. I hope you all find somewhere to sit for a while, enjoy and really examine a cherry tree in bloom.