Sunday, April 25, 2010

Among the Clouds

My first Weekly Photo posting was of the Air Force Memorial, and here we are at the start of my third year. I'll continue to start each year off with a look at this memorial, which represents flight. This view is as much about the clouds and blue sky as it is about the metallic swoops. Sometimes their silvery surface almost reflect the sky. As I stood at the base and looked up, the sky and the arcs seemed to be part of one whole, each dependent on the other. How appropriate.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Violet Bower

Under the arching branches of an old white lilac, wild violets have made themselves a cozy home. Many people see these sturdy little flowers as weeds, but I am happy to see them wherever they choose to turn up. They seem to like their little bower, which is carpeted with bright green moss in the shadier parts. The flowers spring from rosettes of heart-shaped leaves, standing confidently on impossibly slim stems. Their little faces turned slightly to the right or the left as if to converse with the crowd of neighboring violets. I remember an even larger population of violets. They inhabited a grassy plot next to my grade school. In April, it would turn purple with blossoms. At lunchtime, while my classmates played kickball, I would wander through this purple sea, gathering handfuls, almost more than I could hold, taking them back to the teachers. For the rest of the afternoon, some of the wilting violets would lay on my desk, a reminder of the spring miracle that was right outside.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cherry Blossoms and High Tides

The cherry blossoms are at their peak, so pale that they barely earn the right to be called pink. They fancy up the grounds of all the stark white marble monuments and edge the Tidal Basin, bending over gracefully, as if to admire their own reflections. I wandered under the canopy of blossoms and came to a spot where the water had just begun a small trickle of overflow onto the walkway. At the lowest point, the walkway disappeared beneath several inches of water. Not only was it high tide, but the moon was full. Benches became islands and tourists took off their flip flops to wade along the submerged path. Heading back to where the path was only partly flooded, I watched this little boy. Who cares about fluffy flowers or scenic views when there is water for splashing?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Chocolate Molds

Enter the Wilbur Chocolate Factory in Lititz, PA and you will be enveloped in the divine smell of chocolate. The shelves hold dark chocolate buds, chocolate-dipped apricots and caramels enrobed in chocolate. I like to visit the charming museum in the back. Machinery clanks rhythmically, showing the process of chocolate making. My favorite parts are the glass cases full of vintage chocolate paraphernalia; beautifully designed boxes, tins, trade cards, and ceramic chocolate pots. Metal molds celebrate every holiday. Early on, Easter became entangled with the ancient springtime celebration of the goddess Oester. Rabbits and chicks represent fertility. Eggs are symbols of rebirth and everlasting life. It's something to think about while you bite the ears off that chocolate bunny.