Sunday, June 28, 2020

No Stopping, No Parking

On a very short street, there is a sign that the weeds have decided is unnecessary. A little over a year ago, access to a popular walking and biking path opened up just steps from here, hence the sign. But the weeds have other ideas. The sign in on their territory and will soon be swallowed up, only to appear when winter comes and the greenery temporarily retreats.

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Art Car

Someone who drives around in a decorated car is probably not shy. They are guaranteed to attract long looks and questions. Most art cars have an aura of whimsy. Such a car leaves a trail of smiles in its wake. What compels a person to transform a car into the canvas for their creative vision? This one spells out the owner's devotion to El Salvador as well as Saint Jude Hospital. The coins glued into patterns remind me of the button-embellished outfits worn by the Pearly Kings and Queens in England. And any roof topped with a crowd of toys is guaranteed to elicit smiles. Who says art has to be serious?

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Unmown Graveyard

A fence surrounds the tiny graveyard that is the only remnant of my neighborhood’s rural past. I've often wondered how the residents of the closest houses feel about having graves in what is essentially their front yard. Seventeen souls rest in this space although many of the headstones are gone. On this particular day, it was in such a need of mowing that the shortest stones were submerged in the grass. The light was so beautiful, I doubt that the resting souls cared. It probably looked more like the farmland they knew long ago.

Sunday, June 7, 2020

We Were Framed!

In Normal Times, I would have spent the past two weeks slipping in and out of classrooms, observing both the teaching process and the learning process in action. It's a privilege and a thrill to watch art develop and to witness students gaining confidence in their own talents. On Tuesdays, we always gather for class photos. After the "normal" photo, we usually do a fun one. Susan Lenz and her class came prepared. I see more than a bit of silliness here. I see ideas gathered, skills mastered and friendships launched. These things can sustain us until Normal Times come again.