Sunday, October 15, 2017

Cake Lust

Last weekend, we attended a lovely, low-key wedding. The wedding cake was decorated with a whimsical collection of brides and grooms. The youngest flower girl studied the pairs of just-marrieds posed on the cake, but the scent of the icing began to get to her. She picked up a plastic fork and twirled it in her little hands. She leaned over as far as she could. The fork slowly edged across the tablecloth. Finally, she could resist no longer. The tines of the fork scooped a bit of icing from the edge of the cake, just as her mother realized what was happening. It reminded me of the famous Marshmallow Test, given to young children to assess their level of self control. I'd say she did pretty well. Our flower girl soon had her own piece of cake. 

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Vines On a Wall

Parking lots can be such dreary places. One of the colleges downtown has a small lot next to a what could be a completely boring little service building---except that it was built from two different tones of concrete bricks. My compliments go to whoever decided to add a jazzy pattern to the building. Vines have taken hold in the foot-wide strip of earth that marks the border between the lot and the building. They creep up the bricks, adding color and interrupting all the straight lines and angles. That natural, rambling asymmetry makes this a surprisingly delightful view.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Rainbow Peppers

Why shop at the supermarket when you can go to the farmers market? We can discover new varieties of apples, taste the pickles and marvel at the just-picked crop of sweet peppers. A Vegetable Color Wheel would have no blue, although purple would be easily represented by cauliflower. Tumbled together in a bin, I see peppers in orange, red-orange, browny-red, sunny yellow and a host of greens. An artist could work in peppers and create quite a detailed work of art, perhaps a mosaic. What a delicious thought...