Sunday, October 17, 2021

Celiosa and Bumblebee

 The hot pinks and magentas of the celiosa drew me over to the rows of plants at the garden center.  In the afternoon sun, they lived up to their name, which comes from a Greek word for flame. A steady hum rose up as I stepped closer. Dozens of bumblebees and honeybees flew around and within the masses of blooms. I watched a bumblebee, the B-52 of the bee family, hover and then land on one especially promising specimen. Look carefully and you can see the pollen clinging to the bee. The bee was too busy to care about me.

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Painting The Human Figure"

 A popular art fair sets up activity stations for kids. This year, one featured a man in a hazmat suit standing on a drop cloth while kids squirted paint onto brushes, spatulas or their hands. They smeared it on the man, who turned, stuck out legs or arms, and at one point suggested that other colors be added to the large splat of silver on his belly. Some kids thought carefully about the colors and their placement. Others just enjoyed the chance to smear paint on an adult. There are books titled "Painting the Human Figure." I doubt if this method is included in any of them.

Sunday, October 3, 2021

"We Come In Peace"

 Huma Bhabha's monumental bronze sculpture stands near the steps to the Hirshhorn Museum’s Sculpture Garden. It's like an ancient totemic figure, worn by the ages, but also defaced by modern day graffiti. The woman staring at the figure resides on a gigantic scrim that covers the cylindrical facade of the Hirshhorn, which is under renovation. This is Nicholas Party's "Draw the Curtain," an 829 foot artwork-in-the-round. Stand in this particular spot and feel how these two beings, rooted in different ages and cultures, are linked, but also very alone, each in their own way.